AB Muscle Relaxant System (AB MRS) helps you relieve any pain within 15 Minutes!

Because You Deserve A
Pain-Free Life

Relief pain without the need of ineffective drugs with our Muscle Relaxant System® (AB MRS).

Our Muscle Relaxant System® are proven to relieve any pain within 15 minutes

Instant Relief

Simply attach the pad and watch your pain go away in less than 15 mins

99% Effectiveness

This device provide instant relief to all types of pain

Drug Free Solution

Save yourself from the detrimental side-effects of pain relief drugs

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How this device works?

This revolutionary device works by sending stimulating to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Therefore, it is a perfect solution for:

  • Instant Pain Relief
  • Speed Up Muscle Recovery
  • Prevent Muscle Atrophy

Everytime the pain comes, I plug in AB-MRS!! Pain goes away in less than 15 minutes. Totally recommended!

Who is this device for?

Acute Pain

Chronic Pain

Bone Pain

Breakthrough Pain

Soft tissue Pain

Nerve Pain

Referred Pain

Phantom Pain

Plug it in and watch your pain eases away

AB Muscle Relaxant System is build for its ease of use




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AB MRS Muscle Relaxant Device

AB MRS works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin & along the nerve strands, preventing pains signals from reaching the brain. The devise also help to stimulate your body to produce higher level of natural painkillers (Endorphins).

  • 3 predefined therapy program modes and 2 setting modes.
  • Large LCD display for all parameter display.
  • 9V rechargeable battery for mobile use.
  • Real time clock setting for data logging.
  • 20 steps of amplitude control for comfortable stimulation.
  • 2 way current control.
  • 30 times reusable FDA approved pads.
  • Compact hand held strong enclosure for rugged use.
  • 4 simple keys to control all the parameter.
  • Micro USB to connect the device to windows PC / Laptop to view the data log file.

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